Request for feedback

Recently, I was asked to provide feedback on someone’s writing about a specific technical subject. Their work is targeted at average .NET programmers who are new to this particular subject – much like I was to NHibernate just a few months ago. By the time I had finished the 2nd chapter, I was concerned to the point I considered withdrawing from the project. There were some obvious technical flaws, and the whole thing generally rubbed me the wrong way. My feedback was pretty harsh.

A week later, I realized my real objections were over the author’s process. He did things exactly backwards from the order I typically follow. He did things in this order because that’s probably how he works, but more importantly because it’s easier to explain. From the other end, he’d have to assume some knowledge that the reader may not have.

So as not to sink in to the meta-blogging quicksand, I’ll simply ask these questions about the series up to this point:

  1. Which post(s) did you like the most? Why?
  2. Which post(s) did you like the least? Why?
  3. How should the process be reordered? Why?
  4. What left you generally confused or with unanswered questions?
  5. What do you think would be the next logical topic to write about?

Please comment or send me an email with your feedback.

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