Did you mean CarsBucks?

I’ve been working on a little hobby project for ASP.NET MVC / CQRS apps, and I showed it off to my friend Jose. I asked if I could recreate his Chinook Media Manager app with MVC and CQRS as an example for this new project. As usual, he pointed me to something even better: Restbucks, the example from the REST in Practice book.

Jose has already implemented this example in .NET as a full REST (HATEOAS) service using WCF over a traditional NHibernate model.

I set off to build it over using CQRS. I started with nCQRS, but they’ve had string of bad pull requests applied recently. After 2 days of hacking at the framework to get a build and all-green tests, I switched to Greg Young’s 100-line SimpleCQRS. From there, it was smooth sailing again.

So, I give you the “Did you mean CarsBucks?” example, Restbucks reimagined as a CQRS domain.

I may not know exactly what I’m doing, but I’m doing it anyway. Constructive feedback is always welcome. Also, this may deviate from Restbucks slightly. I’m not finished with the book.

(Coffee cup image licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 by Marcelo Alves)

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