Hiring a Houston Senior Developer

We’re hiring another Senior .NET Developer to add to our team of six. Here’s a few things you should know about us:

  • We enjoy working.

    We have fun at work. We geek out a lot.

  • We enjoy learning.

    We read books and blogs. We try out new ideas. We share what we learn.

  • We question “best practices.”

    We use Mercurial, not TFS. We use NHibernate, not EF. We’re not afraid of open source. We use what works best.

Here’s a few things we want to know about you:

  • Can you code?

    In addition to hammering out some C#, SQL, and a little JavaScript, you can navigate Visual Studio with ease. Not only do you understand recursion and simple set algebra, but you know when and how to use them in your code.

  • Are you a good fit?

    We want to know what makes you unique and interesting. You should fit well with the team.

David Weekley Homes is located at 1111 N Post Oak Road, near 610 and I-10. Our benefits include a huge discount on a new home and profit sharing.

We’re also hiring two more Junior Developers this summer.

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