SQL to Simple.Data

Update: Published to nuget as Simple.Data.RawSql with syntax improvements.

I like Simple.Data, but I waste a lot of time translating from the SQL in my head to Simple.Data, particularly when my queries get a little weird. No more! Mark Rendle gave me a tip to bypass the query side of Simple.Data while still using the part I really like: the dynamic results.

Each query can return 3 possible results:

  • Multiple result sets
  • Multiple rows
  • A single row

Of course, if you just want a scalar value, use command.ExecuteScalar().

Here’s the trick. Simple.Data.Ado includes extension methods on data readers to convert the data in to dictionaries, and SimpleRecord (the “dynamic” that represents a row in Simple.Data) has a constructor that accepts a dictionary.

####Using it

Let’s say you want to query a page and count of Albums and Artists from the Chinook database. It might look something like this:

####Read from a data reader

####The rest

Grab the rest of the code from this gist

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