NHibernate and TransactionScope and Web API

I have a Web API project that uses NHibernate and NServiceBus, and I need them to succeed or fail together, within a business transaction. Continue reading

NServiceBus and SignalR

I started thinking about how I could build a responsive, postback-free user experience in an application with a rich business layer or even a collaborative domain without drowning in AJAX. Continue reading

Continuous Integration: Rake, Albacore, TeamCity, Kiln, and NuGet

Let’s talk about Continuous Integration. Continue reading

New and improved Simple.Data.RawSql package released

Today, I published my first nuget package, Simple.Data.RawSql, a set of extensions to Simple.Data for raw sql queries. Continue reading

SQL to Simple.Data

I like Simple.Data, but I waste a lot of time translating from the SQL in my head to Simple.Data, particularly when my queries get a little weird. No more! Continue reading

Hiring a Houston Senior Developer

We’re hiring another Senior .NET Developer to add to our team of six. Here’s a few things you should know about us. Continue reading

New Year, New Blog Engine

Jekyll rocks. Seriously. It renders markdown and liquid templates down to static html files. What’s not to like? Continue reading

NHibernate Read Models: An Elephant in the Elevator

Our company website is a mostly well-architected NHibernate web application. Continue reading

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